February 4 moon astrology

Intuitive Astrology: February New Moon 12222

I am an RN who takes care of orthopedic patients every work day. My suggestion is to have surgery early in the week Monday or Tues , if possible.

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It may be hard to express feelings at this time alternatively deadlines could create creative blocks. Here I included photos of moon sign charts for the years — Mercury with Neptune on Achernar and Ankaa. Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now! This double new moon in Aquarius, the first being at 0 degrees of Aquarius in January, emphasizes the importance to get it right and get it handled around the concerns that Aquarius carries. Mars will be in Taurus for 6 weeks bringing the tenacity to work on projects until they are completed.

Then your hubby can be discharged hopefully prior to the weekend. It is not necessary to consult the moon, just advise him to be an active participant in his care. A word to the wise: walk, walk, walk! My husband has had both knees done he can climb a ladder with 50 lb bag feed he is a rancher. He can carry large hay bales. He gets on the roof of our house. He had a great Dr.

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PRAY first tell your husband to do the exercises it may hurt at first but will be worth it. Move move move it heals the body quicker and does not let the knees muscles lock up.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Much luck Never have surgery on Friday!! First purchased your wonderful magazine to help my husband fish. Got hooked on it! Your old magazine lay-out included anonymous quotes that I also used to enjoy. Keep up the good work, but why fix something that isn't broke? One of your biggest fans!! Judy from Milwaukee. Hi, Judy, You have made our day with your lively and generous comment.

Horoscopes for the February 12222 New Moon in Aquarius

Here is your daily horoscope with a tarot card reading for each zodiac sign on Monday, February 4, ! Today the New Moon perfects at The New Moon on Monday February 4, at 15° Aquarius is very fortunate. The New Moon February astrology is the best of any moon phase for over a year. The February new moon also sits at the midpoint of Saturn sextile Neptune to bring spiritual wisdom and help make your.

Thank you very much for your loyalty to this Almanac! The only time this might not appear is on the Calendar Pages because there is so little space. Sometimes proverbs or adages or folklore appears without attribution; that may be what you are thinking about. I'm 65 years old now buy I remember having a Farmers Almanac in my home as a small child.

My parents had farming backgrounds in Oklahoma and forever kept the almanac within their reach. Now sharing this with my own children. Some of the more ''far out'', incredible information I've learned about the moon extends well beyond the quaint folklore about it catching rain or enhancing plant growth. Radio transmissions directly from Apollo were intercepted by an independent Ham operator confirming this encounter. The FAA footage, evidence of this event was pirated from "men in black" who visited the FAA's 2nd in command who was later interviewed by Dr.

Steven Greer, founder of The Disclosure Project.

Full Moon for February 2020

I am trying to find out what the twin days are for planting butterbeans. Any info appreciated please. Twin days are when the Moon is in the astrological sign of Gemini the Twins. Been reading Old Farmer's Almanac for forty years. Someone nicked my issue so I had to go online! Our sources say that the Algonquin tribe sometimes used this name. The Choctaw used a similar name, "Little Famine Moon. You are all over the news today!

New Moon February 4th & 5th 2019 - True Sidereal Astrology

I buy the Almanac at Hennings mkt in PA, and luv your garden calendar with the beautiful art. Main stream media is shocked you rightly called the colder winter and our gov experts did not. In other words the resurrection of Persephone from her enslavement in the underworld.

On the other side, Venus is conjunct Saturn on Vega which gives resilience and a shield against attack. Setting boundaries with love!

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Maybe at this Full Moon february will see reform within Christianity. Apparently, Christian-inspired paganism and spiritual practices that invoke the ancestors and connect to the land are the fastest growing religions in the west. Why is Paganism booming in Europe and beyond? As Isis did Empowerment: I am as courageous as a lioness Fits with the brave star Regulus Physical benefits: Can aid female fertility, IVF and artificial semination, PMS, menstrual and menopausal symptoms, kidneys, colds, blood disorders, heart palpitations, recovery after illness, surgery, accident or trauma.

It is a happy and sharing stone, integrating the parts of our communal lives, bringing things and people together. It is a stone of physical pleasure and intimacy.

February Supermoon Astrology | Jessica Adams

In lighter shades, Orange Carnelian promotes companionship and affection, while the darker crystals deepen the sense of belonging and home. I normally enjoy reading your posts and enjoy parts of this one, especially the part about the myth of Persephone, that the role of this full moon cycle is for Persephone to break free from being narcissistic supply. We cannot forget that narcissism is black and white, it tends toward extremes, and the world is not viewed as it actually is, in shades of grey and in terms of power dynamics. Asking men to own traits that have been conditioned and disowned as female is only demasculating if the world is a black and white either-or essentialist argument.

And make no mistake, disowned traits are toxic. Asking men to own their disowned parts is what the current theme of persephone is about; by refusing to be a fantasy figure enslaved to act out disowned fantasies, persephone frees us all. This issue of power dynamics is what current themes of toxic masculinity are really about, and power dynamics are not limited to gender disparity. It extends to all areas where power disparity is a dynamic, such as race and religion. Shaming of conscious or non-conscious power abuse is an unfortunate consequence of the anger at victimization.

But it is quite frankly understandable.

The anger is an understandable part of the dynamic of power abuse. Yet shame does keep us from having conversations that promote solutions, that promote connection, a different kind of social dynamic altogether. So what is the answer? Not reverse shaming, I will say that much. Naming a shitty power dynamic, such as toxic masculinity, is not the same thing as denial, such as equating admission of any fault with castration.

But a narcissist might think so. Admitting any vulnerability is admitting inferiority in a world that is about power. Thanks for another excellent post and video, dear Marina! Be interesting to see if the government listens to the people on this one….! Do you think the Uranus trine will be beneficial for breaking free of problem that have held me back for way too long? Love and Blessings, Angelflower. Another excellent post and video, dear Marina! What you write of the Persephone archetype and the spiritual shifts seem spot on — I was shocked but not really surprised!