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Just when you thought everything and everyone was in order merrily following your influence, the rest of the week will descend into utter chaos. You don't do boring, water bearer — you are a revolutionary attempting to create a better world. You can't stand for unproductive or overly emotional hooligans.

Thankfully, on Sunday, September 8 , the planet of warrior Mars, which is currently in Virgo, trines your ruling planet Saturn, which is in professional Capricorn. Any crises are averted and you once again feel like a mastermind. Aquarius is often described as cold and unemotional, someone who wants to make the world a better place yet doesn't always answer their best friend's text messages.

You're full of depth but as an air sign, you choose your words carefully and take time to think things through.

Capricorn & Aquarius' Love Compatibility Is Complicated, But Able To Go The Distance

You don't always want your lovers to see you vulnerable. Friday, September 13 , brings a full moon in philosophical Pisces. If you have some feelings to work through, spend the night alone and meditate for clarity, ideally under the light of the full moon. The moon represents change, emotions, and the world beyond what science can explain.

Gemini and Aquarius Love Compatibility

While these are all topics that don't come naturally to you, that's all the more reason to explore them. If you do spend the night with company, expect to spill your guts.

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  • 2. Stability Is Important To Them, But For Different Reasons.

On Wednesday, September 18 , one of your ruling planets, Saturn, goes direct after being retrograde since April. This retrograde brought up deep questions about who you are and how you take care of yourself, similar to the themes of the recent full moon.

Aries March 21 – April 19

They are great at giving advice from a positive and motivational point of view. An Aquarian love will be interesting and intellectually stimulating. A psychic is a great resource for Aquarians who are having trouble finding true love connections. This month kicks off on Sunday, September 1, with messenger planet Mercury, which is currently in service-oriented Virgo, trining one of your ruling planets, Uranus, which is currently in Taurus. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will be constantly fueled by Aquarius. Aquarius woman - information and insights on the Aquarius woman.

What's under that stylish exterior? Have you dealt with your trauma?

Best Matches

Now is the time to implement modes of self-care, and don't hesitate to enlist the help of others, such as a therapist, energy worker , or trusted teacher. You're further pushed to take responsibility for yourself when communicator Mercury in Libra squares one of your ruling planets, Saturn, in Capricorn on Sunday, September Any unprocessed grief runs the risk of spilling into your present life if you don't listen to Saturn and take care of yourself.

Aquarius compatibility table

Both of these signs are innately jealous as well, but Aquarius has a more unconventional approach to that that will not be taken lightly by Taurus. Aquarius will not like the pressure that Taurus is continuously putting on the relationship, and Taurus will not always go after Aquarius's need to one-up everyone intellectually. Both Aquarius and Taurus are Fixed Signs, and so despite their differences they have this working in their favor. As jealous and possessive they are of each other, they will be loyal as well.

Aquarius Sexual Compatibility: Inventive and Unemotional In Bed

Taurus will need to extend their realm of comfort to the great intellectual and unconventional world Aquarius offers once in a while. Aquarius on the other hand could use a few more quiet nights in, and dull days once in a while.

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Neither one of these partners adapts to change well, that is the nature of the Fixed Sign. But when both Taurus and Aquarius are able to recognize this and actually work on this in order to excel in their love match, excellence indeed is precisely what will result. Both Taurus and Aquarius also need to learn resiliency and flexibility when it comes to disagreements, as both will want to be right all the time, and this is a recipe for disaster.

Learning compromise together will allow this relationship to grow exactly as they want it to. Share Share Share Email. Career Compatibility. Pet Compatibility.

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