Aquarius march 9 horoscope 2020

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Angel Communication, I am an experienced reader. I have a high sensitivity of the More Weekly Monthly Overview Romantic Career. Year of With wild-card Uranus as your ruling planet, Aquarius, it takes a lot to rattle your nerves. Want Even More?

Yearly Horoscope: 2020 Predictions for Aquarius

Year of Slow your roll, Aquarius! Year Choose a sign. Recommended Reading. If you are single then paint the town red and all the colours of the rainbow because you should have a ball while Venus is here.

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The only problem if that is a problem! Venus in Gemini is very fickle. Mars retrograde takes place in your communications and neighbours zone, so not really the sexiest place for it unless you live next door to the Clooney.

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However, you can use this very fierce Mars energy to go campaigning around the neighbourhood if there are some local issues that need addressing. Mars being the planet of war might have you in some kind of turf war. This is the year of anticipation and excitement for you, more than any other decan.

Areas of Expansion in 2020 for Aquarius:

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces from February 17th to March 9th, Aquarius holds back then, but that will soon change. March is a. I chose this as the first focus for Aquarius of as Saturn (slow and . Feb 23 - New moon Pisces; Mar 9 - Full moon Virgo; Sep 2- Full moon.

As I mentioned in the general section, you will be the first to experience the taste of Saturn and Jupiter in your decan just in time for Christmas. Until then you can lay the foundations of the amazing castle you are about to build for yourself. Sorry to have to say this dear decan 2, but you really will have to be patient! This will not be easy with Uranus getting you all jittery with some of his jack-in-the-box antics for a few months.

I would use this year for recharging your batteries and getting fit for the arrival of Jupiter and Saturn in your decan. Oh dear!

I think you are pretty much the only decan to have this planetary drought. When this happens then the year might feel either peaceful or dull, depending on what sort of Aquarian you are. Saturnians will keep on plodding with what they know while the Uranians could actually get quite tetchy and irritable. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content Search for:.

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There will be misunderstandings due to improper communication between members of the family. Hide your credit card and stay within a fixed budget. In May, ambitious Mars charges into your money zone, bringing you both the drive and the opportunity to increase your income. Have an important decision to make? As Jupiter shifts into your community zone in December, it forms a powerful conjunction with Saturn, asking you to seek your calling in society.

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