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Thanks for helpful post for us. Tuesday, 28 October Drug addiction and astrology. Drug diction has begun to raise its ugly head with alarming regularity targeting today's younger generation with cocaine, LSD, crack , ganja,and other addictive substances. How is one to fight this beast? Astrology can throw some light on the psychological mechanism at work and help in early detection of drug addiction. The horoscope is a map of an individuals propensities and mental makeup.

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It gives us an insight into the personality and distinctive traits that define an individual. If an individuals chart does possess propensities or exhibited tendencies towards compulsion or pleasure seeking , he is more prone to getting into drug addiction.

Rahu: It would be pertinent to understand here that rahu is actually not a planet but a shadow planet. Rahu's job is to "cloud your judgement".

The 12 Steps of Astrology Addiction

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But I would tell him that he should not be upset or surprised if he has setbacks and missteps. He has a big problem with self control and stability.


If you were my client then I would perhaps paint an even bleaker picture in terms of his ability to battle this obsessive behavior. I do think he can eventually manage it. Do you have children together?

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Do you have a long history together? And Pluto will come along later and hopefully, help him heal and recover. But it is a long road. Are you certain that you want to take the trip? Last edited by katydid; at AM. Thank you Katiedid. We are 28 and have been together for 5 years We share an extremely deep bond and feel like family, so I might be willing to stick by him and take the ride, but I also have to think about what's best for me.


I just need to be sure that his intentions are good, and that he has it in him to try and be a better version of himself. So I think we are dealing with issues of possessiveness, attachment and letting go with this.

These 5 zodiac signs are addicted to love

I think you are spot on when you say his values and ethics are strong, so he feels really torn by this. When will Pluto come along aspecting his Jupiter? Do you mean as a sextile?

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Pluto goes hand in hand with Scorpio tendencies. Rahu's job is to "cloud your judgement". The other planet involved with addiction and substance abuse is Jupiter. Leo makes a dashing entrance everywhere he or she goes with their special someone. And for all you fellow Sagittarians my regular reads are in agreement that now is a good time to get healthy and create new better habits, there are developments coming up work-wise and we should prepare for a boost in our romantic lives. Taurus Daily Horoscope. Follow us.

Are you sure about his birth time? Since he makes that kind of films for a living, I would expect to see that Neptune in angular position where he lives. But it is not if his birth hour is 8AM. The Mars-Neptune can indicate what you said. Venus however is about love and marriage and Pluto about being deep - so wanting deep love connection. Pluto and Venus are not deceptive, but can be obsessive.

I think you need to assess yourself and think deeply about what you want from a relationship. If you want an open relationship it needs to be also for yourself, not only to please him. Then you can go out to explore on your own. Do not expect him to change - it is not sure he can. Neptune is sextile the ac, but it's in Capricorn on the cusp of the third house, but lying in the 2nd Maybe its me, but I don't see this. He has Pluto conjunct ac along with Venus. I'd suspect his issue is being manipulative in a relationship.

And telling you he is a sex addict so it isn't hus fault he cheated although he didn't cuz you made the mistake of agreeing to an "open" relationship , would work.

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If he was a sex addict you'd know it and likely be begging him to give you a break and just go have sex with someone else. Maybe he is just a jerk of a 20something, trying to be edgy with his films and lying to you to avoid blame? Thank you Dowhanawi for your honesty You are right and I'm aware of this. That's precisely what I'm trying to figure out with the help of his chart -whether he has genuine issues that he wants to overcome, or whether he is just a dubious, deceitful and selfish person who is to be avoided.

Keeping in mind that he's been very supportive and reliable in the five years we've been together Sadly the best manipulators can seem very supportive to those they are manipulating. Often appearing as the one above all others and what would you ever do without them. I sorry you are dealing with this. Originally Posted by lilivanilli. Last edited by oleanna; at PM. Thank you Oleanna. In addition to the twelve animals of Chinese astrology there are also five elements wood, fire, earth, metal and water. A Chinese horoscope is divided into interlocking sets of the numbers ten and twelve.

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The ancient principle of Yin and Yang negative and positive forces is also very much involved in charting a horoscope. Astrology is an integral part of everyday life in China. A Chinese person always knows his or her animal sign. Life decisions are made according to astrology, especially when seeking guidance about whom to marry and when.

It is also to guide as to when to conclude financial agreements, begin journeys, start building a new home, and even where to bury the dead. To learn more about Chinese Astrology, please refer to the following resources for the animal sign that you were born under and other Chinese Zodiac information.

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