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January Full Moon 12222: Full Wolf Moon Meets a Total Lunar Eclipse
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With Mars in your area of productivity, life is busier than usual, so organization is crucial. When Mars and Venus interact mid-month, your attention will be focused on money. For love, stand in your circle of power. The more confidence you have, the more attractive you will be. This is a power month, Sagittarius.

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Venus will move to your sign on the 7 th , so the love vibes are hot and close by. You may find yourself trading in a bit of your carefree attitude for more stability. Your solar second house, the area of money and possessions, is charged with activity. With the Solar Eclipse energy in this area early on in the month, you can get a lucky surprise that can boost your bank balance.

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With Jupiter, the planet of abundance, in your sign for , you want to think big, not small — visualize your grand plan. This is a big year for you, Capricorn! January starts off with plenty of action, so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

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The solar eclipse in your sign on the 5 th signifies the start of something new, grand, and fabulous. The lunar eclipse on the 20 th can have you partnering up with someone who will be very good for you financially. Money matters can greatly improve this month. Changes around your home may come out of the blue, so keep your schedule flexible and your mind open.

Blood Moon astrology: How January's Blood Moon will affect YOUR star sign

With romantic Venus making her move to the sign before yours, combined with the January Eclipse energy, an intimate connection can high jack your heart. Solar Eclipse energy in the sign before yours this month can present you with a great deal of soul-searching. You can change your plans, reinvent yourself, and set new intentions for and beyond. Whatever you do, and whatever choices you make, be sure to follow your heart. A recent change in your life can be a blessing. Friends from near or far can come through for you with financial support, as well as help to connect you with influential people.

Eclipse energy can open doors for a Pisces this month, both in work and your social life.

Friends and associates can show their true colors. Some will step up and show their worth, loyalty and influence, while others are likely to reveal hidden agendas.

All About Eclipses: A Guide for Coping with Them

Baby Names. If you're in a relationship, now is when you can reignite that spark with your significant other, but it will be up to you to put the time in to do so. Mmmm, very sweet. You may even suffer from gossip, scandal, betrayal, loss or disappointment. Most Popular 1.

A change may appear to be disruptive, but it can work out for you in the long-term and provide a good income — follow through on a decision to make sure it happens. On the love scene, romance — possibly combined with travel and work — can be exciting. You can make a relationship more permanent, but you'll need to deal with past baggage first. If you have questions, visit JenniferAngel. Get your free numerology reading here. With a Moon in Leo today, and a blue blood moon in Leo tomorrow, all zodiac signs can learn a valuable lesson about the courage to love others where they are and the determination to take those life lessons and love yourself.

A Super Blood Blue Moon sounds funny by name alone. What does it mean to have blood that's blue?

It's red, isn't it? Not exactly. Blood that reaches the surface, like in a cut is actually not good, quality blood. The blood in our veins, rich with oxygen, is actually blue. What is the meaning of blue, anyway? Blue is literally the most popular color in the world. It looks maternal, doesn't it?

Total Lunar Eclipse 🌑 Full Moon in Leo 🌕 21 January 2019 ♌ Gregory Scott Astrology

It's a symbol of motherhood, love and a nurturing spirit. The top of this number curves towards its center of gravity. There's a humility that comes with a 6 and in some situations, this works, but in others, it can become a fatal flaw. Certainly, no one has to tell you that caring too much for others comes with some setbacks.

Have you ever loved someone so much, maybe even more than they loved themselves, and you wished you could change the part of them that hurts? It hurts you to see someone you love hurting, and yet, for all the love and care in the world you can't stop them from doing what you know they shouldn't. This could be a really good time to figure out who you are and what you want - do some self-exploring.

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After all, a lunar eclipse is known for being a great time for growth. Work with the changes thrown your way to make them more positive. It seems that Virgos might have the toughest time during this particular astronomical event. Curious Mind Magazine says you're going to be experiencing some pain, which makes sense when you consider all of the emotions that are coming along with this moon.

The one good thing? It might help you figure out some important stuff. Elite Daily says that you can expect some sort of "clear spiritual awakening," so even if it's painful to get through, it will probably work out in the end. This astronomical event could mean big things for your career, which has been undergoing a lot of transformation lately. This could be a time of positive change for you, work and finance-wise.

However, remember that this is an emotionally charged period of time. Scorpios are the most emotional sign, so something like this super blue blood moon could really lead to some intense emotions for you. Things might feel a little extreme.

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For an Aquarius, this moon will bring about some big changes, probably in relationships most of all.