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They are sold by banks, but are not included on their balance sheets. And since , these WMPs have increasingly invested in one another, risking a chain reaction of defaults if those companies whose bonds they hold should default on their bonds. Uranus, the planet associated with sudden reversals and revolutionary movements, moves into Taurus in May In the summer of , Mars will make a stressful configuration with Uranus and the Venus-Jupiter position.

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Taurus is associated with currencies and the banking system of a country, while Mars indicates impulse, disruption, violence and breakdowns. The extent of the non-performing loans in the Chinese banking system could be exposed at this time. But the reliance on debt as stimulus looks to continue well into Everything points to an overheated property market, and the bubble may burst at this time.

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Their desire of exclusive ownership is very fierce. Chinese astrology looks to philosophy, the calendar, the cosmos and the rhythms of nature for its ideas and predictions about events and personal character. Roosters are routinely led back to their henhouses before sunset. Subjects who read horoscopes are just as likely to feel that the horoscope applies to them when the terms of the reading are reversed i. Rooster , Ox , Snake. Girl's Name:. Their biggest desire is to have the freedom to do what they like and be able to express themselves.

A chain reaction could result, in which losses in the property market lead to capital flight, which triggers a drain on foreign currency reserves, and which in turn could lead to a forced devaluation of the yuan. In January , a cluster of planets forms in Capricorn.

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This is an even more extensive cluster than the one that occurred in As the cluster dissipates, the planets, each in turn, will conjoin the most sensitive point in any astrological chart, the Ascendant, which is based upon the time and location of inception of the chart. The planetary cluster in Capricorn occurs within this time band.

Both Neptune and Pisces have a disorganizing effect, draining the energy out of what they influence. Saturn is the principle of structure and order; in this case, it is the edifice of debt that has been supporting the economy. This cluster of planets indicates a major upheaval in China, centered upon the Communist Party, and possibly triggered by currency devaluation.

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The struggle for control could be brutal, and there may be ruthless suppression of any uprisings or protests by the people. But this time, for China and global markets, it looks as if everything happens very suddenly and explosively.

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American Federation of Astrologers. Association for Astrological Networking. International Society for Astrological Research. National Council for Geocosmic Research. Organization for Professional Astrology. Erosion of Currency Reserves Neptune is associated with illusion, deception, error and erosion. Marie Schoeppel Marie Schoeppel is a professional astrologer who has been practicing astrology for over 25 years. Her specialty is mundane astrology, the branch of astrology concerned with nation states, political events, economics, and market trends.

So in this new century, we have to work a bit harder to calculate our Chinese sign. Every Asian person about to make a major decision: marriage, family, profession, burial, or relocation will first check to see if his sign and those of the people involved indicate that any benefit will result from the anticipated act.

China Astrology Chart

In many Asian countries parents still arrange marriages. If the family considers that a Horse son is not well matched to a Rat woman, the wedding will be called off. Astrology - like various other "ologies" - is yet another way of finding out who we are and how we can be happier.

Nation: China 1907: Revolution conj. Jup-Nep

Astrologers do not claim to have all the answers. As a soothsayer, I do not presume to know if you must or must not buy a pickup truck on Thursday, the twenty-ninth of July, But what I do know is that the animal symbol that rules the year of your birth has endowed you with certain basic characteristics and helped to define your fundamental nature.

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Once you are made aware of your qualities and have accepted certain aspects of your faults, it is conceivable that you will have a better chance of making life cooperate with you. Given definite attributes to work with, you will then possess the wherewithal to fashion your own life to fit your desires and ambitions. Moreover, as you examine the qualities and faults pertaining to your friends or acquaintances, you may learn why you and they behave in ways hitherto incomprehensible.

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