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Is it the subjects discussed or different point of view? My society is very rigid, with most people having the same expectations and experiences in life our literature is filled with books about how bored people are and how they fail to change it — really! My background is very mixed and very rootless, and I just did my own things and never bothered about fitting in anywhere.

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This is weird in my country. To be a creative person in a rigid society is by definition perceived as odd.

Birth Chart: Liz Greene (Virgo)

First steps in Astrology, by Liz Greene The twins are used to describe the sign of Gemini because typical Gemini people love to share ideas with someone else . You might differ in terms of your mental approaches: airy Gemini loves Liz Greene, Paperback - pages, Why Sun-sign Astrology by Liz Greene?.

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To Schedule an Appointment. Praise from clients…. Her down-to-earth communication style and her deep understanding of both astrology and life changes served to give me a sense of safety and confidence. Thanks Fabienne! Skip to content. My mission is to help you discover, develop and nurture your creativity no matter what transit you are going through. This entry was posted in Astrology , The 4 Elements and tagged 4 elements , Air , aquarius , Fear of self-expression , gemini , Libra , Saturn. Bookmark the permalink.

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Katley: Your son might get his first lessons in when Jupiter in Gemini will oppose his natal Saturn in Sagittarius. Gian Paul says:.


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Hitler, Lenin and Marx were all Taureans. Taurus must encounter and tame the beast by learning to dance with the bull. The ego must come to terms with this dark, bestial bull—its coarseness and its grace. Twins are special, perhaps touching the divine. Gemini possesses some power that works in opposition, one part trying to destroy the other. The light twin has something to learn—nothing less than death and regeneration at the hands of the dark self. It is the contest between two halves of oneself, the conflicting experiences of bondage to a mortal body with its sense of loss and death, and exaltation to the realm of spirit and eternal live.

Conflicts with rivals can lead to a deep appreciation of the ambiguity of life and the mystery of a dark-light god.

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With Gemini, the jealousy between siblings, the conflicts with opponents, are contests between two halves of oneself—the reconciliation of opposites within. CANCER has a mystical element strongly at work that can sit side-by-side with the more maternal and personal qualities of the sign. The Dark Mother would rather destroy her child than let him escape her domination. The dark face of Cancer is the overpowering bond to the Mother that may drown him. The light face is the potential to midwife images of the unconscious.

Cancer is driven to seek the Divine, at one with God before physical birth and again at the end of life. For Leo, it is about the battle between the developing ego and its instinctual roots that must be tamed. He is ego power at its most glorious. Passionate emotionality precedes the recognition of where atonement and submission may be necessary.

Kingship is, in the most profound sense, connected with his capacity to wrestle with his passions. There is an alchemical work to be performed, self-realization of the deeper Source, which is the holy quest for the Grail. VIRGO is disgusted with disorder, chaos and wasting of time and substance, just as the goddess Astraea sees the orderliness of nature and is disgusted with humanity. For Virgo, justice must be restored. Virgo is a combination of upright Astraea set side-by-side with the orgiastic lunar harlot goddess, posing enormous conflict for Virgo. He or she struggles with these opposites throughout life, trying to encompass them both, for the fate of the sign does not seem to permit splitting.

With a strong moral sense coupled with grossly immoral behavior, Virgo searches for openness to the flow of life and a willingness to trust the natural order. Soiled goods offend Virgo, yet all humans are soiled by life. The maiden must die to become the Mother. LIBRA desires everything in proportion, rather than one thing at the expense of another. Libra fears the consequences of the choices he makes, yet he must choose for he cannot have his cake and eat it, too. In Libra lies the unnatural faculty of rational judgment, which is the potential for resolution of conflicts within the unconscious psyche.

The film is nicely paced, the award-winning music is suitably haunting, there is often a sense of magical wonder. Leading actress Amy Adams is outstanding. Amongst many other things, it explores the idea that language determines thought and perception. The concept of linguistic relativity has been linked to the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, first published in by linguists Edward Sapir and Benjamin Lee Whorf. That if we can simply see clearly enough, all conflicts give way to harmony.

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After a brief but important introduction, the film begins in the style of many other science fiction films about aliens landing on Earth. The spaceships hover in twelve locations around the world and there is worldwide panic as humanity wonders what to do next.

Some strange sounds are recorded at the spaceship that has arrived in Montana and the American government calls on linguistics professor Louise Banks Amy Adams and theoretical physicist Ian Donnelly Jeremy Renner to lead an investigative team. To the accompaniment of a drone that would not be out of place in a Tibetan Buddhist ceremony, Louise and her crew make their way down a tunnel in the nearest alien spaceship. This begins a series of attempts to communicate with the Heptapods, as the aliens become known. They are more interested in visual communication rather than sound.

As a person learns the alien language, their perception and experience of time is altered. For astrologers, this is where it starts to get really interesting. In reference to the twelve spaceships, we have already been told that the twelve fit together to form a whole.

The aliens now gradually begin to communicate by drawing a series of circular puffs of smoke in mid-air, each of them containing specific visual blobs that carry highly complex information. These circular patterns bear a striking resemblance to horoscopes, both visually and in their function. The alien language of the Heptapods is nonlinear, with no beginning or end — the whole of a particular sentence or idea is communicated at once, not in a progressive order. The past, the present and the future are presented as one. Louise and her team set about examining the meaning of the circles, as do investigative teams in other countries.

Problems emerge when different conclusions are drawn about exact interpretations of one particular message. Researching on the internet, I have not been able to find any acknowledgement of astrological knowledge in relation to the film or the original story. It has been suggested that the alien circles may have been inspired by a Zen calligraphic symbol. Presumably, the number of striking similarities to astrology must therefore be a co-incidence.